Arena Concerts & Tradeshows

The Andrew H. McCain Arena serves as the Region’s premier indoor multi-purpose event space. Utilizing our ice-cover for large-scale events, and equipped with assembly chairs and staging, our arena can host concerts of 2,500+ spectators, as well as tradeshows, conventions, and private events of all sizes. A 2-lane walking/jogging track surrounds the entirety of the Arena, providing a soft-cushioned floor for athlete warm-up/cool down.

Overlooking the ice, our Wolfville Room and Old Hall of Fame Room provides additional hospitality and meeting space for large-scale gatherings. Conveniently located on Main Street, amidst our vibrant Downtown Core, our Arena has played host to large-scale concerts, the annual Acadia Students Union Christmas Craft Expo, dog shows, cheer competitions, National hockey tournaments, and more.

Partners & Affiliates